Natural Stone Fountain Triple #21

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Custom Natural Stone Water Fountains and Water Features


Natural Stone Fountain Triple #20

Sold $1899.00

Custom natural stone water fountains and water features

Your Outdoor Living Store offers custom built water fountains and water features.  Scott "The Stone Man" is our in house fabricator of our custom natural stone water fountains and water features.  He loves his stone thats for sure.  The stone man spends his mornings designing our water features, carefully selecting stones that accent each other and getting his design laid out and setup.  

After his design is stacked and built to his standards he takes a picture and tears it back down.  Now The Stone Man gets to the hard part.  Drilling all the needed holes in the stone for plumbing and water effects.  LED Lighting can be added at this stage as well.  After hours and hours of drilling each stone its time for The Stone Man to take a break and get some lunch.  

In the afternoon hours its regular for customers to meet with The Stone Man and talk about design ideas and place orders for their upcoming projects. We cater to Contractors, Builders and Home Owners planning their DIY Projects.  Scott "The Stone Man" also handles most of our Natural Flagstone and Landscape Boulder Sales.  We schedule a few customers a day to meet with The Stone Man and walk ins are welcome as well.

Well after a good lunch its back to drilling.  Some holes go faster then others and some take hours to drill just one hole.  Because its natural stone made by nature there is no way of telling an easy stone from a hard stone.  

After Drilling all the needed holes for pluming the stone The Stone Man is ready for his next challenge "the Plumbing"  this very important step requires patience i do not personally poses.  The Stone Man takes his time here carefully affixing each piece needed to get the water where it needs to be.  We have found that there is nothing fast with Custom Water Fountains or Custom Water Features.  Its a time consuming yet rewarding process that The Stone Man Loves.  Now that the pluming is complete we wait for the adhesive to dry.  Coming back to the Water Fountain the next day to start building and placing stones in their new home.

Now that the adhesives have cured and bonded our plumbing to the Natural Stone its time to start Stacking and placing the plumbed stones in their new homes.  The Stone Man uses the pictures he took the day before to get each stone in its place.  While moving the stones into place the plumbing from the water pump is trimmed and hooked to the Natural Stone.  

Now that the Natural Stones are in place and hooked up to water its time to get wet.  Once the water hits the stone Scott The Stone Man starts to angle the stones to correct the water path and optimize water coverage as well as sound.  Another concern is over splashing,  The more we can reduce the over splash "water splashes past Water Basin" the less the fountain will need to be maintained.  After everything is perfect The Stone Man takes his final picture of his finished custom water fountain.

Once The Stone Man finishes the Water Fountain he heads up front to my office Josh "The Marketing, Webdesign, Customer Service, Product Fulfillment, Sales, forklift driver and Manager Guy"  Ok well i dont get a cool name like The Stone Man but you get the picture.  Scott the Stone Man drops off the camera with a ton of pictures of your custom fountain and i send them to you our happy customer. ;-)

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Natural Stone Fountain #22

Natural Stone Fountain Triple #22

Available $1899.00

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